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It was my date night with Emilia. We have been going out since so long and this has clearly given us a sign that we found each other compatible. She is one of the most beautiful lady I ever came across as she has made things so conveniently easy where approaching her was involved. I every time looked out for ways to appeal her in one or the other way. This time I just got an idea to cook for her and impress her with what little I know of cooking. This gesture of cooking for her might not be big for her but for me it was way too much. Marley Spoon promo codes at supersaversama were my partners in making this huge task be taken care of.

I was so obsessed about this girl that I was now standing in the kitchen with apron on and starting with the preps to dish out something which will please her. A day before I checked the recipe cards which were to be delivered with the grocery I was to order from the store. The recipes looked delicious to me and after spending a lot of time with Emilia I knew that she will love that too.

The store has been helping me in getting the freshest of everything I could ever think of where food and ingredients were concerned. I was happy with my choice of the store for supplying what I was looking for…

marley spoon vouchers

Asian Caramel Chicken with Cucumber Ribbon Salad and Pan-Fried White Fish was the starter and entrée I thought of preparing for the love of my life. The ingredients for the dish were made available to me easily with the help of Marley Spoon and I got the delivery of my order within a day which helped me in making preps conveniently.

The instructions given on the recipe card made things look easy to cook but I was not sure whether they will turn out to be in the same way as how it was mentioned on the recipe card. But when I started cooking I was so happy that things were turning all in my favor. It was so easy to cut the fresh farm picked veggies and marinate the fish and chicken. I was expecting a very time consuming stuff to be placed in front of me but this was not it and everything looked as easy as a piece of cake.

The presentation was not exactly how it was on the recipe card but yes I was sure that taste would be exactly what was to be expected from the dish. This confidence was brought to me by the aroma which was rising from the cooking plan I was going ahead with.

marley spoon vouchers

I was really happy with my cooking and appreciated the store which kept my head held high and gave me encouragement where my cooking was involved. Emilia was shocked to see that everything presented in front of here was made by me.

OMG friends… don’t ask about the taste… the time when put the first bite in my mouth I felt as if I left this world and entered somewhere with scrumptiousness floating everywhere. I’m literally not bragging, the food tasted heaven and that was only and only due to Marley Spoon.

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