Travelling and Accommodating in Australia Using Agoda

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We both have been on quite a few trips to Australia and the Pacific regions, but somehow I always tend to miss traveling to Cambodia or Vietnam, though they are very close to where we live. So on this long weekend, me and my husband decided on getting our flights booked, and hotel managed through Agoda for a healthy and fun trip to Vietnam.

Personally, for a weekend trip, I always go through my New York Times 12 hours in Australia and Oceania as this book has some inspirational ideas for a short trip. Once our destination was decided, I went straight ahead to find out the latest additions that I could make to my travel with the help go Agoda discount codes. I had these discount codes for a while and wanted to spend them on my next trip. The best thing at Agoda that I am a super fan of is the pay later option. You can always book your accommodation, and then if you change your mind, you can cancel it or change the accommodation or the flights.

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This week we will be going towards Hanoi which is hardly a two-hour flight from Bangkok. This will be one of my first visits to Vietnam. I have been to the city of Ho for some football matches but had never traveled to Hanoi. For the accommodation, we have used our Agoda promo codes and booked the Hanoi La Siesta Hotel. According to our budget constraint, Agoda had searched through all the options and had given us options for the trendy old quarter of the hotel which looked appealing to us.

On booking the quarter, Agoda sent us another Agoda discount codes for the airport to hotel travel bookings. By choosing Agoda, we never regretted spending an extra penny as we knew we would get it back with the vast Agoda discounts that they keep on giving their customers.

For the second and third day at Hanoi, we have thought of booking our most awaited inside Vespa tour towards the smaller areas of Ban Mi and Pho. These two places are immensely popular for their cuisines, and I can’t wait to get my hands on their glazed ribs. For some more suggestions for our trip to Hanoi, we might be using the Agoda blogs and their customer care service.

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